James Earley lives in Dublin, Ireland and has been a practicing urban artist since 1997.

He studied Visual Communications  in the National College of Art and Design, Dublin and received a BA Hons in 2004. As well as painting large scale works, James is a practicing graphic designer and curator. He has traveled and painted in many cities, including New York, London, Cologne, Eindhoven, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Hong Kong.

Earley began painting his signature stained glass style in 2009. The style celebrates and pays homage to his family’s rich artistic heritage in ecclesiastical artwork. His family ran Earley Studios, a firm specialising in stained glass artworks. Based in the city centre of Dublin, the business ran for over 100 years (1864-1975).

James has recently finished painting the largest sprayed piece of art in Ireland – Blooms Hotel, Temple Bar, Dublin. The artwork illustrates James Joyce’s book Ulysses. The piece adorns all 5 sides of the hotel and took 8 months to complete.


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Photo credits: 4, 7 Eoin Holland | Others James Earley