Based in the heart of Dublin, The Dean Hotel is a contemporary hotel which first opened it doors at the end of 2014. The concept behind the collection was to capture a snapshot of the artistic landscape within Ireland at that time, showcasing emerging Irish artists as well as well established Irish artists. The art collection covers a wide variety of artistic disciplines and features the work of 40+ contemporary Irish artists. 230+ pieces were installed, with a mix of original paintings and prints throughout. Below is a selection of the works on show.

Patrick Scott: ‘Untitled’

Conor Harrington: ‘Trapped by Language’

Project Twins: 'Heads' – Richard Gorman: ‘Shuffle on Green’

Peter Monaghan: ‘Radiate 8

Patrick Scott: ‘Untitled’

Samuel Walsh: ‘Drawing 435 (Levant)

Cian McLouglin: ‘Yellow Head

Chloe Early: ‘Airbourne

Colm MacAthlaoich: ‘Ikebana

Eoin Holland & James Earley: ‘Fat Cap series’

Sek2: ‘Untitled’ – Colm Mac Athlaoich: Untitled