On April 7th to 17th, we will be hosting a pop-up exhibition within The Tara Building, Tara Street, Dublin 2. This will be a group show, showcasing some of the most exciting artists working within Ireland.

The opening night of the exhibition will coincide with the official opening of The Tara Building. This event is to mark the beginning of a new and exciting collaboration between Tara and Iverna. This partnership will see Tara's exhibition walls adorned with some of the best in current Irish art, curated by Iverna.

The artists showing are:
– Stephen Burke
– Neil Dunne
– Leah Hewson
– James Earley
– Le Bas
– Colm Mac Athlaoich
– Maser
– Eleanor McCaughey
– Jordan McQuaid
– Gráinne Nagel
– Derick Smith
– Sek2
– The Project Twins

The show opens at 6.30pm, April 7th. This is a free, ticketed event. You can book your ticket at Eventbrite. The show will continue until the 17th of April and will be open to the public.

As well as our exhibition on the opening night:
– Pull your own Tara Tote - with Neil Dunne
– Food by Katie Jane Sanderson
– Drink from BECKS
– DJ set with Dream Cycles
– Live Music from Ailbhe Reddy and Buffalo Woman

Tickets are already flying out, please book asap to avoid disappointment.

Selection of artists' previous works
Eleanor McCaughey:

Le Bas:

The Project Twins:

Gráinne Nagel: